Microswimmer robot chains can decouple and reconnect in a magnetic field

Researchers have successfully pulled off a feat that both sci-fi fans and Michael Phelps could appreciate. Using a rotating magnetic field they show how multiple chains of microscopic magnetic bead-based robots can link up to reach impressive speeds swimming through in a microfluidic environment. Their finding is the latest step toward using the so-called ‘microswimmers’ to deliver medicine and perform surgery inside the body.

Yoga Shape-Up: Energize with a Slow Sun Sequence- Wai Lana Yoga

Yoga Shape-Up: Energize with a Slow Sun Sequence from Wai Lana Yoga begins with a slow version of Salute to the Sun, allowing you time to get into each position, focus on your breath, and enjoy how it feels before flowing on to the next one. This wonderful sequence includes forward bends, backbends, and strengthening poses that energize both body and mind. Rounding out this fun sequence is an invigorating twist, a challenging balancing pose, and a supported asana to help you loosen up tight hips. Look and feel your best with Wai Lana on the BeFiT Channel. Tune in weekdays for newly-added free workouts. Click here for more Yoga Workouts: http://bit.ly/HCEl8M


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